photo of handmade jute scrub, great for lathering and exfoliating. Handmade by Algodonenrama

100% Handmade Jute Scrub Algodonenrama

Delivery from 2 to 7 days. If you need it before, please contact us

Exfoliating scrub handmade by ourselves with 100% natural jute thread, without chemicals or dyes. Approximately 20x10cm, varying slightly from one another due to their artisan work.






Delivery from 2 to 7 days. If you need it before, please contact us

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Basic Zero Waste, 0 waste, biodegradable. It has several uses from exfoliating body scrub, respecting your skin with a totally natural fibre without chemicals or plastics like conventional sponges. Soap dish for solids, ideal for them to rest in while being aired at the same time, as it avoids them being on a smooth surface. Sponge for scrubbing dishes without damaging them and without releasing chemicals.

How to use: For the washbasin in the shower, moisten and apply a little soap on it or directly wrap the bar or a piece of soap in it and pass it gently over the body. Once used, leave it hanging to dry in the air.

As a soap dish, keep it as dry as possible and simply place the soaps in it. Jute has a high water absorption capacity and will help to dry the soaps. 

As a sponge for scrubbing dishes, cutlery, pots and kitchen and bathroom surfaces. We moisten it, rub a little soap on it and carry out the washing.

Storage: Wash the soap dish by hand once a week with neutral soap and a squeeze of lemon juice to keep it hygienic. Do not leave it wet, remove the water and hang it on the line to air and dry.

 Due to its biodegradable quality, it will last for about 4 months, using it daily.

exfoliante yute aer

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