Ceramic Swallows

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Handmade stoneware swallow, made in Manises, Valencia, Spain, therefore KM0...For single units or set of 4 swallows of 4 different sizes. In black, matt black, pink, light blue, dark blue and white.

For other colours please consult us.


Delivery from 2 to 7 days. If you need it before, please contact us

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Made by master craftsmen in small workshops in Manises with traditional methods and using the moulds inherited from generation to generation.

Enamelled on the top, and white on the base with a hole to hang them on the wall, although they can be placed on a table, for example.

They have become an icon of decoration and are exported all over the world, being highly valued.

They are manufactured in 4 sizes. The smallest 7,5x8,5cm, the medium 10x11,5cm, the large 13x14 cm and the largest XL 15,5x18cm.

You can buy single units or the whole family of swallows. And there are many colours to choose from. You could even ask the artisan for some personalisation of colour or added decoration. Varying a little the final price.

It is a gift with a lot of symbolism and giving it to your loved one is a declaration of intent to show friendship, love and fidelity. It is the representation of going hand in hand with that person for life for better or worse.

As it is a ceramic article, it is recommended to take the maximum possible care because a blow could break them.

This item may require special packaging for perfect protection during shipping and may not be 100% Zero Waste packaging.


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