Stoneware Soap Dish

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Extra large stoneware soap dish, for solid soaps, especially suitable for the shower area. Available in different colours; white, natural clay, blue and black in single units. Green and brown and other colours, normally only for large quantities.

Size 27x8,5x2cm. Weight approx. 600 gr.





Delivery from 2 to 7 days. If you need it before, please contact us

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ALGODONENRAMA has designed this soap dish to accommodate and take care of all your solids. Especially because of its dimensions it is ideal for the shower or bathtub area to organise your shampoos and conditioners. You can also use it in the washbasin for your body, face and hand soaps.

It is made of high quality and resistant stoneware in a family factory in Manises. Its creation has been a joint work between the master craftsman and us over several months. The original piece has been carved by hand and once finished, moulds have been created to be able to replicate the mother piece.

The raw material is clay. Soap dishes are available without any added colour, just pure clay, resulting in a beautiful off-white colour. And there is also the option of pieces whose clay is already coloured. The result is solid pieces with a single firing, without glazes or engobes. In this way the glaze will never come off, because it lacks glaze, nor does it release dyes or chemicals. Its colour is completely solid and uniform.

Its firing at a temperature of 1150º perfectly seals its pores, which gives it hygienic and sanitary properties that make it suitable for food or cosmetic use. This stoneware is used in catering and cosmetics. Fats from food or creams do not penetrate its surface.

Its grooved herringbone design allows water to drain away and aerates the soap bars so that they do not rest completely on the surface.

Easy care and cleaning. Simply rinse to remove soap residue.

Avoid knocks, but it is really resistant.

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