Artisan Hemp Soap Dish. Made in Valencia by Algodonenrama. Local and vegan

Hemp Soap Dish

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Circular handmade hemp fibre soap dish made by ALGODONENRAMA. To keep solid soaps drained and dry. Approx. 8x8cm.


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Delivery from 2 to 7 days. If you need it before, please contact us

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Soap dish, soap holder and soap drainer handcrafted crocheted by ALGODONENRAMA in natural hemp fibre without dyes or chemicals of Spanish production.

Due to its rounded shape, it is especially suitable for solid shampoos that are usually presented in this shape.

Why hemp fibre? Because it is the fibre of the fishermen, for its resistance and durability. It is resistant to moisture and has a natural bactericidal function. Hemp does not rot like other natural fibres and is the most hygienic.

In the past, it was the material used for espadrilles precisely because of its hygienic function for the feet, but it was replaced by esparto grass, which was cheaper, and then by artificial fibres, as well as being used by fishermen, and by parachutists because of its resistance.

Preservation: wash with neutral soap and possibly with a splash of vinegar.

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